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This is actually a bit of a welcome to my blog and an introduction to me.

I worked for many years in the oil and gas industry and specialized initially as a production engineer supporting the design and manufacture of directional drilling and surveying equipment.

I progressed in the industry to become a project leader, department manager and ultimately the technology manager once I had gained a 1st class honors degree in technology.

During this progression I was involved in the testing and evaluation of new product lines for their functionality in a severe operating environment including the testing of mechanical, electronic and software functionality.

My final position as technology manager meant that the department heads for mechanical engineering, electronic engineering and software development reported to me along with the project managers working on the new developments.

So why am I telling you all this, well it’s primarily to let you know that I am well used to working in a technically challenging environment that requires attention to detail and the ability to work through technical problems. Skills that I believe transfer very well to my newly chosen profession of website design and internet marketing with a sprinkling of search engine optimization thrown in.

Add to that my love for photography, especially of the digital variety, and my enjoyment in the production of aesthetically pleasing graphics using Photoshop and I think you will agree that website design is a reasonable career choice that fits well with my need to work from home here in the South of France.

My website design work is done utilising the Dreamweaver 8 software package, which is an industry standard software for website development. I also publish websites via Squidoo and Hubpages and use Blogger to publish blogs in support of my holiday business , website design business and internet marketing activities. You can find out about affiliate opportunities on HubPages via this link.

With respect to internet marketing and SEO, you will find any SEO lessons I have learned along the way will be made available to you with completely free access and I will occasionally use this blog to offer products through my affiliate relationships.

So that is it, please feel free to comment on any of my blog postings, ask questions or get in touch if you have a new project you would like to discuss for website development.

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