Bilingual Website Design Using English and French

Its always good when you get a happy customer, this website was from an existing client who wanted a second version of his original site but expanded to represent a landscape gardening business that is supported and complimented by a building and construction business.

It wasn’t a huge challenge because the look and feel needed to be consistent with the original, so it was more of a tweaking exercise than a radical redevelopment.

Sometimes you need to be careful though because it can be the simple jobs that can catch you out. Attention to detail was the order of the day and the site does have a nice look to it.

The bilingual website design aspect was taken care of following the rules discussed in this earlier post.

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2 Responses to Bilingual Website Design Using English and French

  1. MalindiSeo says:

    I like the design it's simple but well optimized to give the audience full information he needs

  2. Redruby says:

    interesting site about wed design and travel..good for me as a blogger.

    have a great day Brian!
    p.s. was in Paris
    two times already and i love it! still wishing to come back…in two weeks i will be in Cannes and Nice..quite excited about it!

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