Creating a Business Blog and Accepting Online Payments

Creating a Business Blog and Accepting Online Payments

Getting that little ‘Buy Now’ button shown on the left (its not a functioning one by the way) seems to cause a lot of people a lot of problems. Where in fact, it is actually quite a simple thing to do; if you take the easy options and are prepared to accept that you will have to pay a small commission for each sale made using the button.

For the most basic of eCommerce options, there are a few relatively simple steps to go through which are well within the capability of anyone that can read and follow instructions. 

For those that are not particularly interested in implementing the process themselves you could purchase hosting from Affordable Web Designs and take the option of having a WordPress blog set up for you as part of the cost. Just mention that you were offered that option when you get in touch.

For anyone else, you can use the link at the top to find out exactly how to go about setting up an own domain business blog.

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