France Financial Full Upgrade Goes Live

My latest project for a total re-vamp of the France Financial website that offers independent financial advice in English for Expats living or moving to France has been released today.

The website has been constructed utilising ‘nested divs’ in conjunction with external CSS to manage all layout and style configuration providing a uniform and consistent layout throughout the entire site in line with the customer’s specification and requirements.

To further enhance the functionality of the website and to provide additional support for the business, a France Financial blog has been created and included in the main menu so that it can be accessed from each page visited, there are also dynamic currency news updates which have been provided through the use of a .php RSS feed that can be read and registered as new content by the search engines.

An advertisment banner (shown above) has been designed and implemented so that a graphical representation of the business can be included on third party websites or attached to emails to provide an easy to use link back to France Financial.

With SEO in mind the pages have been designed to contain all necessary meta tags, including relevant keywords and a Sitemap has been produced in line with search engine protocols for submission to Google.

This website will now to be included as a completed project that can be added to the growing list of projects that make up my portfolio of work.

If you like the look and feel of this project and would like to discuss any potential projects that you need to initiate then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

I think you will find that I can provide a very cost effective high quality development to suit most small businesses and sole traders.

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