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I came across this website in BlogCatalog when I was making a new friend there, just loved the layout and scheme for the blog she had and thought I wonder where that template came from.

This is her website The Choosy Epicurean which has, I think, a great layout.

Well I had a look at the bottom and found the culprit Final Sense which is a website giving away free blogger templates.

I have to admit that I think anyone who is producing a lot of websites should buy their own domain names and benefit ultimately from all the hard work they put into getting links and traffic.

Normally I would recommend WordPress for this because it is a very flexible package and I still stand by that, all my new blogs are done in WordPress and there are plenty of great templates available for that platform as well.

But you can use blogger for your own domain name as well, so with a template as good as this, if you really like blogger, then I think it has to be a viable option, certainly impressed me enough to share it with you all, although I think there are still a few limitations you would need to accept.

So if you are an ardent blogger fan, go have a look but seriously consider buying your own domain names and hosting package. If at the end of the day all you do is sell it on then you be able to make a profit from it, so at least all the work will have provided you with something.

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