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It has come to that time when I have recognised the pressing need to release a new full blown website in support of my website design activities. So I am currently in the process of putting the final touches to the brand new Moulin Website Design pages.

I thought it might be good to give you a quick look at the new home page as a little taster before final release, so here it is.

I am pretty excited about it and really looking forward to taking it live for all to see and use.

There is a lot of great information on the site and I am sure you will enjoy having a read of what I have put together, some of which is completely new and some you may already have become familiar with.

The design when finished will be available at and is where you will be able to see exactly what services we have to offer in a much friendlier format than using the blog arrangement. Don’t fear however, the blog will be remaining alive and well after the release (perhaps with a little bit of a revamp as well) as an important part of the whole website designing service on offer.

OK I know I should have done this ages ago but better late than never.

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