Reviews of French Holidays Aude Wesbsite


“I really enjoyed the photos of the lovely country side. It would be so cool to take a boat ride in the Canal. The site was a pleasure to visit. Every thing looks great.”


“Not only a good site but also very informative as well. I like it very much. “


“What a fab site, will tell as many people about your holiday retreat. Making you a favourite. Well done. good luck for 2009”


“Nice pictures, fast loading and easy to navigate. I’d like to visit, is the impression you left me with, and I think that is what you want.. “


“Nice, pleasing site with soft pastel colors. Looks like a gorgeous place to visit!”


“This is such a beautiful site with lot´s of useful information and the pictures are quite lovely. I am glad to see it not full of google advertsing. Thank you!”


“Your site has all the information anyone could need about vacationing in Le Moulin area of France. I wish I could afford to vacation there. Your site makes it look so beautiful. Keep up the good work.”


“Looks idyllic, and well worth the price. Gallery showing local attractions is good. Professional site design and neat layout. Site loads fast and very easy to navigate.”


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This website was developed to advertise a gite (self catering accommodation) in the South of France for French Holidays Aude. If you would like to develop a similar site or a site to meet your own requirements then please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss.

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2 Responses to Reviews of French Holidays Aude Wesbsite

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  2. Kikolani says:

    I love the sunflowers incorporated with this design. The photography helps potential visitors really feel the essence of what they would experience if they took a holiday there.

    ~ Kristi

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