SEO Search Engine Optimisation according to Google

SEO Search Engine Optimisation according to Google

SEO has long been considered a black art, but when you read the information that is available from the likes of Google and Yahoo, they actually take quite a bit of trouble to try and tell you what you need to do in order to meet their requirements.

Of course they don’t make any guarantees, but then how could they. At the end of the day someone has to to get top spot in a search result and if there are ten million results then clearly they need to be differentiated in terms of relevance to the enquiry and quality of the information.

I can imagine that with ten million results the differences between say number 1 and number 100,000 for example will probably be very subtle with very little to choose between them, certainly from an algorithms viewpoint.

A human perspective may be different, but we don’t analyse ten million results in under a second do we? But that is what the algorithm has to do, choose and do it very quickly so we are, I am afraid, at its mercy and unfortunately mathematical algorithms don’t tend to be very compassionate.

Still if we follow the guidelines then we can help ourselves a little and that is why I have posted a summary of Google’s guidelines on my latest post of a ‘Good Time is Blog Time’.

I think it’s an interesting read and I have provided my interpretations of what they say, so go have a look and find out what Google’s take is on things.

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