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Using advertising banners which can be posted on websites or attached to email is a proven and effective way of advertising your business, you only have to read the literature and documentation that comes from major website presences such as ‘Amazon’ or ‘Google’ to realise that they actively promote the use of images and text by their affiliates to optimize the chance of getting a click through to their products. It is pretty clear that people like graphics and prefer to see a ‘text/graphic’ combination rather than a straight ‘text link’.

Moulin Website Design offers a banner design service, simply select the size(s) you want and get in touch to discuss your requirements for an affordable and eye catching design.

The examples shown here are 250×250 and 468×60 pixels, there are many other standard sizes available but you can also opt for your own size to meet your design requirements, at the end of the day these recommendations are a guide and are not mandatory.

If you place your mouse pointer over either of the banners above you will find that you can click on the banner to open a new page or tab (depends on how your browser is set up), this is because the Use target ‘_blank’ has been used to tell the browser what to do when the link is activated, but there are other options available: –

Use target ‘_top’

this causes the new page to load in the full body of the window, which is handy when using frames and you want to break out of the frameset you have created and go to a frameless page.

Use target=’_parent’

this is similar to target ‘_top’ but will reference the immediate parent of a frame. There might be several nested frames in more advanced frame nesting and this allows more control over which ones are specified, it’s not an option that is used very often.

Use target=’_self’

loads the page within the same frame as the link tag.

For most peoples purposes the selection would be to either use ‘_blank’ (sometimes called ‘_new’) or ‘_self’. In other words open a new page leaving the current page active and still open or loading the new page to replace the current page, effectively closing the source page for the link..

For an indication of recommended banner sizes please click on Standard Banner Sizes where you will find a complete list of the sizes generally in use.

Note: to facilitate a live link may in some instances require the image to be published on the internet to provide a reference location.

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