Time for an update, shame about the RSS feeds

Well I said I would test the RSS feed theory on my websites French Holidays Aude and Curtains and Cushions, trouble is my host website doesn’t support php.

So what does that mean exactly, well it means I can put java script feeds to my website so I can get constantly updating data, which is good for visitors to the website because they have something topical and interesting to read that updates without me doing anything, a facit that search engines really like.

Not that the contents that I do update aren’t interesting because they most certainly are.

The bad news is that the search engines ignore java script and only take notice of php, so from an SEO perspective I have wasted my time (well not on curtains and cushions, because I haven’t put any feeds to that site yet).

I can upgrade to a web hosting package that does support php and ultimately that is what I may have to do to get that SEO option working for me.

Makes you think though doesn’t it, if I had known that when I bought my hosting package would I have spent the extra money to have that extra facility. Something you may want to consider if you are about to buy hosting.


On another subject we managed to sell a picture from our gallery last week, I have to say I can’t claim it was my picture because my wife actually took the shot all I did was put the camera on the right setting for her.

You can see the picture gallery on French Holidays Aude for all the photographs we have as potential canvas prints, but the picture in question is the one at the top, I thought it was a pretty good shot when we first saw it and when we got it printed on a canvas frame it looked even better.

Anyway that’s me until the next installment, for anyone reading this if you want to give me some feedback just go ahead and post a comment, I promise I will read it and if you need an answer I’ll try and do that as well.

Also don’t forget if you go to my squidoo lenses you can star rate them right at the top of the page, let me know what you think of those as well. The star rating should do that nicely.

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