Website Search Optimization-Link Building Strategies

Website Search Optimization-Link Building Strategies

Latest post on Website search optimization looking at the multiple way of finding and adding back links to your website. There are do’s and dont’s involved in any linking strategy, get it wrong and it could spell disaster but get it right and you will have traffic flooding to your site.

Find out what part of the strategy is likely to be the most effective and a few ways of linking that you may not have thought about.

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2 Responses to Website Search Optimization-Link Building Strategies

  1. Dixie says:

    I'm not clear on some things about links…

    1) Is it better to link my articles on other sites with my main blog addy? Or should I be circulating the individual addys that connect directly to the story I'm wanting to call attention to? (Full index is on the front page.)

    2) I'm not clear on the difference between backlinks and one and three way links are. Could you say more?

  2. Brian says:

    Hi Dixie, to answer your questions:

    1) It doesn't really matter which you link to as long as you link, the decision on whether it is your main blog or individual posts comes down to the keywords you use in the link i.e. you have a blog on 'American Politics' so if you used html code to create the following link American Politics that would be very appropriate for your main blog URL as it is very descriptive and relevant to what you talk about generally.

    If on the other hand you were discussing the American attitude to French people in a post on your blog then you could change the URL to American view on France, then the keyword would be highly targeted and very relevant to an American view on France which is what you are discussing in the post. Does that make sense, I hope so, if you click on the first link it takes you to your main blog and the 2nd link takes you to the post on France, both then are highly targeted and descriptive of the subject.

    2) The 3 way link works like this:

    Your URL A
    My URL B
    My URL C

    You link from your URL A to my URL B and I link from my URL C to your URL A. We exchange links but not directly so now they look like one way links.

    So in definition:

    a back link is any link to your blog from another site (back because you linked to their blog and they linked back to yours)

    a one way link is a link to your blog from another site with no return to that site from your site, so literally a one way link.

    a three way link is a link from your site to another site in return for a link back to your site from a 3rd independent site.

    This was a great way for you to get some free one way links to your blog by the way.

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