Website Search Optimization

So many bloggers and webmasters sacrifice the best content, grammar and fluidity of their writing so that they can include what they consider to be the best search engine optimized keywords in their text that are exact matches to high volume enquiries.

Question is whether that is a good or bad strategy, will it bring and retain more traffic to the site or ultimately will it be detrimental and a self defeating strategy.

Have a look at Blog Writing to find out the answer and the reasoning behind the conclusions.

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  4. Victoria says:

    There are 2 main components to SEO On site SEO, mniakg your content accessible to the search spiders and creating content to match specific searches, and off-site SEO which really all about getting links from other sites to cheat the popularity indicators the search engines reference, most off site SEO methods are not approved by the search engines and must be done behind the scenes, this is generally where most of the SEO effort is focused. Aside from the technical on-site measures, internal linking, setting up some tags and perhaps a site map, an important SEO strategy is to incorporate the actual search phrases you want to be found for, into the content of some pages of your site, this part of SEO can be handled by the regular content creator, it is useful to compile a list of target keyword phrases you will want to incorporate in the content and periodically check the search result position for, the Google Keyword Tool will provide these search phrases people are actually entering. Off site SEO, getting links can be outsourced, although a hired gun is not likely to be as selective in what link sources are used. Smaller operations can do their own link getting through blog comments, forum signatures, directory listings and article directory submissions with an author credit link. Adding links at a steady rate like they would occur naturally is best.

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